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Current Projects 


Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship 

Keynotes about the current gender gap, predictions, effects on society and economy as well as potential reasons. 

How Psychedelics Shape(d) Silicon Valley 

Keynote about the past and presence influence of psychedelics on innovation. 

Research study about the potential influence of classic psychedelics on cognitive 

ability, various performance indicators and purpose-seeking behavior of employees and 

entrepreneurs. The study is based on an online, completely anonymous (no IP address collected), 15 min long survey consisting of 52 questions.


sleep recovery system targeting various 

physiological processes using modern science and 

traditional wisdom


A health beverage and platform for water awareness targeting the 

mindful customer.

Research Study



About InFutura

InFutura builds ventures at the intersection of life science and entrepreneurship. We focus on innovation in the health, wellness and food sector by helping building new startups, envisioning new market opportunities, consulting and researching. Our mission is to craft solutions for a better tomorrow for all of us.


Claudia Schaller, PhD

I am a hybrid professional combining Life Sciences and Entrepreneurship – As Founder of InFutura, I build ventures, consult and research in the health, wellness and food sector. As Co-Director of Founder Institute Munich, a pre-seed startup accelerator, I guide new Founders from ideation to incorporation and funding. I’m an activist for equality and launched Changemaker Chats Munich, a platform for female empowerment. I worked for many years at an US-based innovation consultancy with Silicon Valley clients like Apple, Dolby and Tesla; my PhD was received for conducting medical research at University of California San Francisco. I enjoy living between California and Bavaria. 


San Francisco, CA 94107  |  mobile +1.415.902.2011